Chose one or both of our new workshops focusing on British life during the Second World War.

Shelters and evacuation: Learn about what it would have been like for the children evacuated during war and the reasons for sending them away. Activities will include writing their name tags and collecting their gas mask boxes to crawling into a Morrison Shelter, playing games and sending a postcard home.

The Home Front and rationing: Discover what jobs people did during the wat and those who protected us at home both nationally and locally. Children will look at the impact that war had on the everyday activities and material things that we take for granted today. They will also get a chance to go shopping for rations and try wartime food – if they are feeling brave!

Planning a visit:

Workshop lengths vary, with price varying accordingly.

Most leave plenty of time for schools to combine led sessions with independent exploration of the Museum, especially our treasured Victorian Street.

Spaces to eat packed lunches are provided when booking led sessions.

For further information about this workshop, how to book and the wider school offer at Preston Park Museum and Grounds please visit the website and contact the Learning Officer.