Using the museum’s very old but amazing and delicate collections of Bees and Butterflies we can take an in depth look into the fascinating lifecycles of these two well-loved species of insects. Students explore the differences between Butterflies and Moths, and between Bees and Wasps. They look inside a wasps nest at the intricate design and find out what it is made from. Then, applying all their new insight, they design their own gorgeous butterfly mobile to take back to school.

Key learning outcomes:

Students will learn about insects and their body parts. They will notice that animals have off spring, which grow into adults. Discussions around the wasp’s nest and habitats will give the opportunity to introduce students to the crisis facing Britain’s insect populations, as well as the chance think about whether things are alive, dead or have never been alive.

Main learning approaches:

Active learning
Creative learning

Planning a visit:

All staff led sessions at the museum are generally two hours long and run between 9.30-11.30am and 12.30 – 2.30.

To ensure a quality experience, we ask that the maximum number of children booked in per workshop session is 30.

A room for lunch is provided when booking sessions led by the museum staff.

Pre-booking is essential.

For further information about this workshop, how to book and the wider school offer at the Dorman Museum please visit the website and contact the Learning Officer.