What does it take to write a really good label? This workshop introduces students to the art of meaningful label writing, editing and improving along the way.

Using the beautiful objects in the Christopher Dresser Gallery as inspiration, each student picks one to draw. They are then tasked with writing a detailed and descriptive label that clearly identifies their chosen object. Label are shuffled and the class have to try to identify each object from the label, helping them to consider wht makes effective text.

The students will take their drawings and labels back to class to make a fabulous exhibition back in school.

This workshop can be used as Arts Award Discover or Museum in your classroom.

Learning outcomes:

Whilst writing the final drafts of their label will involve students in practicing both their transcription and handwriting skills, the key learning outcomes at the museum will focus on composition, with the potential to extend vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. Looking carefully at the wonderful ceramics of Christopher Dresser will enable students to learn about a locally and nationally significant designer. Crafting the content for their labels will involve students in thoughful selection and organisation of relevant historical information.

Main learning approaches:

  • Active learning
  • Independent learning
  • All staff led sessions at the museum are generally two hours long and run between 9.30-11.30am and 12.30 – 2.30.

    To ensure a quality experience, we ask that the maximum number of children booked in per workshop session is 30.

    A room for lunch is provided when booking sessions led by the museum staff.

    Pre-booking is essential.

    For further information about this workshop, how to book and the wider school offer at the Dorman Museum please visit the website and contact the Learning Officer.